QRF-212 M
Pro-Sound Multifunctional Speaker, 250 W, 2-way system
QRF-212 M
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Pro-Sound speaker of the QRF-series are perfectly suitable for voice and music transmission. They can be used for medium-sized up to large events. They were constructed in a very stable way. The high-quality, sophisticated sound predestines this PA-loudspeaker for an application in an area of very professional PA and DJ. This loudspeaker is perfectly suitable for fixed installations (e.g. school gyms and event locations, etc.).


  • All speaker boxes of the QRF-series (excluding monitor QRF-212M and subwooofer QRF-115S) can also be hung-up. This means they are equipped with five recessed eyebolts on each (one flying ear-rail on the back side and two on each side).
  • The eyebolts QRK-005 are optional available as Set of 5 pieces.
  • The housing of these loudspeakers consists of grey varnished (3 layers polyurethane) 18 mm MDF. They also have incorporated carrying handles. A massive metal grille completes the robust structure. Rubber feet help to avoid a damage of the housing.
  • The speaker boxes are equipped with 12˝ and respectively 15˝-bass woofers. These are very high quality products with excellent tweeter-horns (“double-radial”).
  • All the boxes of this series do have frequency gates, which are adjusted to the individual assembly.
  • As input connectors the speaker boxes are provided with high-quality speaker sockets. In order to connect the signal through, all boxes are equipped with a speaker socket switched in a parallel way.
  • We recommend the speaker stand QST-185 (109 – 185 mm) for the speaker boxes QRF-210 / 212 and QRF-212 M, the speaker stand QST-200 (115 – 200 mm) for the QRF-2212, QRF-215 and QRF-315.
  • The stands are very stable and are made of anodized aluminium circular tubes (ø 36 mm). They are adjustable for height stepwise and are very easy to build and fold up.
  • The QDB-120 serves as a connector between a QRF-115 S and a different box from the ORF-series. Wall bracket QWH-035 is 15° sloping and 160° pivoting and is suited for the types QRF-210 / 212 and QRF-212 M.
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