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ESC-012 A
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ESC-012 A
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VARES ESC-012 A has been developped in full accordance to the latest rules and regulations for security. Targeted towards small and medium-scaled usage scenarios, it handles all the tasks and challenges a voice alarm systems faces in everyday life.
Installation is handled in an easy and straightforward way by using the LCD based user interface. All connected auxiliary components are scanned and registered automatically.
Speaker lines can be configured in 12 single or 6 A/B lines for an increasd of security. Even a mix of single and redundant line setups for custom scenarios is possible.
A logging function stores all system conditions on non-volatile memory in any case of a technical failure. The generated protocol can be viewed immediately or sent to a printer.



  • Graphical user interface with adjustable colour scheme, in any case of an alarm the display flashes in red colour.
  • Menu interface with digital rotary encoder.
  • Password protected menu interface.
  • Fully variable assignment of up to 12 speaker lines to a maximum of 6 power amplifiers, maximum amplifer power is 480 W each.
  • A faulty power amplifier is detected and replaced by the backup amplifier automatically.
  • Two line level inputs of different priority levels can be used for various tasks, like background music distribution or paging via a telephone system.
  • Free assignment of the program to any of the 12 speaker lines.
  • The internal digital message memory (based on an SD card) is equipped with an evacuation announcement, a siren according to DIN 33404 and various different chimes (one tone and four tones).
  • All 12 speaker lines are monitored for short circuits, line breaks and impedance variation.
  • Error messages are provided by clear text display, signalling LED, sounder and dry contact.
  • Up to 10 digital call stations ELM-106 can be connected.
  • ELM-106 call stations can be expanded to address 12 zones by ELE-006 expansion units.
  • Emergency microphones ESM-100 D and ESM-020 H enjoy individual 3-band equalisation for best intelligibility of any announcement (up to two emergency microphones can be connected).



Produkt Downloads


PDF VARES-1000 System (Deutsch)
PDFVARES-1000 System (Englisch)


PDFBedienungsanleitung ESC-012A (Deutsch/English)

Ausschreibungstext / LV-Texte

PDFESC-012A.doc (Deutsch)




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