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PPS-024 A
›VARES-3000‹ Program Switch Panel, 1 RU, digital
PPS-024 A
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With the PSS-024A, 24 differently programmed background music zones can be switched on and off manually. Thus each individual button of the PPS-024A may be assigned to one relay of the control center. Groups of speaker lines can be programmed for each individual button.
The straight forward programming of the individual buttons is carried out through the computer software ConfigV3000.


  • Up to 3 program control panels PPS-024 A may be operated from the control center.
  • Connection of the program control panels similar to extension unit through extension cable PFK-200 onto the SLAVE-connection PSS-224 C.
  • The program control panel PPS-024A may additionally be removed from the 19” rack through an additional internal bus module PBS-400 A. Thus it may be used remotely on any spot of the VARES-3000 bus.
  • Connection to a bus- connector socket PBA-300A through connector cable PMC-003.
  • The bus connection may be monitored via the control center PSS-224C. The actual monitoring function can be switched on or off via ConfigV3000.
  • Each button can be programmed for groups of speaker lines or individual speaker lines through ConfigV3000.

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