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Cabinet Speaker 10 W, 100 V, with Controller
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The RCS speakers have been developed according to the latest knowledge in plastic technology. The high-quality impact and scratch resistant plastic corpus ensures best boom and swing release.
This “soft line” corpus design combined with a high-sound pervious grille cover is modern and decent. 
A broadband high performance speaker chassis (Ø 130mm) with an integrated high tone cone and a high-quality matching transformer ensure brilliant music playback and excellent speech reproduction.
These cabinet speakers are also available with a fitted volume control (on the lower ohm side).
The control is positioned underneath (lateral, if speaker is mounted horizontally). 
The control axis can be adjusted with a screwdriver after taking off the cover cap. It is possible to operate the selector by using the enclosed knob. This only has to be pushed on the axis.

Please consider the following features:

  • Mounting is very simple, the grille can be lifted off with a screwdriver in order to have access to the fixing screws. 
  • The plastic cover is impact and scratch resistant and is available on request in all RAL colours.
  • The fixing is burgle proof and can be mounted horizontally, vertically or to the ceiling.
  • In the cabinet is enough free space to install additional relays, if necessary.

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