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EN 54-4 Emergency Power Supply, 1 RU, EN 54-4 certified, with 6 outputs
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Conforms to:

EN 54-4:2007, EN 12101-10, NFS 61940


The digital emergency management ESP-2000 B was developed for voice alarm systems, which must correspond to the standard  VDE 0833 - part 4. All errors are displayed and reported on fault signal contacts, as well as a buzzer and an LED. The device is still certified to EN 54-4.


Please consider the following features:

  • Network fault monitoring with switchover to standby power mode.
  • Monitoring of battery errors (with internal resistance measurement).
  • Monitoring of the 6 or 12 power outputs for amplifiers.
  • Function for a balancing charge to avoid different voltages of the individual battery cells.
  • A quick charge function with up to 16A or 32A, allows a rapid recharge the battery packs even with large capacities.
  • Fault signal are realized in the event of a fault with sloping relay.
  • Integrated depth discharge protection for 24 V batteries.
  • Fault indication signal through LED´s on the front side of the device and fault indication contact (potential-free changeover contact) on the rear side of the device.
  • A temperature sensor adjusts the allowed charge current to the existing temperature in the PA cabinet.
  • All commercially available lead-acid batteries can be used.
  • Equipped with a switching power supply and digital charger unit.
  • USB interface to configure operating parameters.
  • Configuration software in scope of supply.



ESP-2000 B

approx. 27,1 V DC

16 A

384 W

230 V AC 50-60 Hz

Battery capacity

65-320 Ah

483 x 45 x 358 mm, 1 RU

5,3 kg






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