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Small Central Unit, 180/120 W, 3 RU
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The „CPA-3000 PA-center Series“ are available in 2 power classes: 60 W (RMS) and 120 W (RMS). They are short circuit and open circuit proof. They have been designed to the latest standards and meet the requirements of professional audio applications. All the devices of this series are equipped with an electronic two-tone chime (switchable to four-tone), a siren (continuous tone or high-low tone), a speaker control panel (4 zones).

Please consider the following features:

  • All the devices of this series operate both on 230 V mains power and 24 V DC.
  • The speaker outputs are available as 100 V and 70 V as well as 4 and 8 ohms low-impedance outputs.
  • MIC input 1 has an adjustable electronic microphone priority override.
  • All microphone inputs are electronically balanced. Inputs 2, 3 and 4 can be switched to LINE. The input 2 and 3 can switched to phantom power.
  • The unit also includes the following special features:  CD input on RCA sockets, PHONO input on RCA sockets, pre-amplifier input and output, remote control for four-tone chime, input for central telephone system.
  • To obtain the desired power, further 19˝ power amplifiers can be cascaded.
  • With all models, the two-tone chime can be remote-controlled, e.g. by means of the MS-202 microphone station.
  • A special feature of all the models of this series is the option for integrating a sound source module into the unit. An empty compartment is provided for the installation of an additional module.

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