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PMX-911 R
Power-Mixer, 11 Channels, 3x 300 W, 5 RU
PMX-911 R
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  • Professional power-mixer with nine mono LINE inputs (CH 8/9 & CH 10/11 also adaptable as stereo) over 6.3 mm jack socket and nine mono MIC inputs over XLR socket, which can be transmitted to monitor out, record out and master out (L/R or bridge L+R).
  • 2 stereo inputs (TAPE in as RCA socket and AUX in 6.3 mm as jack socket) with combined volume control can be transmitted to the master section. Another combined control makes it possible to additionally put these two signals on the monitor way.
  • All inputs are equipped with input level, PAN, effect (DSP), monitor as well as highs, mids, and lows controls.
  • PAD switches (-10 dB) for CH 1-7 in order to damp the input signal.
  • Phantom power for all MIC inputs (+48 V DC) centrally switchable.
  • Apportionment of the 3 integrated amplifiers:
  • 2 x 300 W @ 4 ohms for stereo operation, each with two 6.3 mm jack output sockets L+R connected in parallel, or 1 x 600 W @ 4 ohms for mono operation over a 6.3 mm jack output socket L+R (bridged).
  • Additionally, one power amplifier with 300 W @ 4 ohms is available for monitor operation with two 6.3 mm jack socket outputs connected in parallel.
  • Effects processor with adjustable effect values such as Reverb-Time (0-10ms), Delay-Time (0-1000ms), Delay-Feedback (0-100%) and Delay/Reverb balance control. The effects can be added to the monitor way and separately to the master out (L/R and bridged L+R). The effects may be externally switched ON/OFF via the foot switch jack socket. Effect-send AUX for external effects devices.
  • The mixer features three 7-band graphic equalizers, relating to stereo master L/R, mono master L+R (bridged) and monitor master, as well as monitor out and main L/R out.
  • Furthermore, the mixer has master level controls with LED meter displays and a mode switch for selecting between mono L+R (bridged) and stereo L/R.
  • Monitor-Out and Main L/R-Out.

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