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PSS-224 C
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PSS-224 C
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The digital, easy programmable and flexibly expandable center PSS-224C of the VARES-3000 system takes over the audio- and alarm management for devices with up to 224 speaker lines, or switching contacts.
In connection with the extension unit PEU-056 B, of which a total of 3 units can be operated on one PSS-224C, the project specific extension from 8 up to 224 lines in eight intervals is easily possible.
The basic device PSS-224C and PEU-056B are offered without a relay card, but depending on the requirements 3 different types are available. As an innovation the relay card PRC-508B including the evaluation of the amplifier and loudspeaker monitoring according to IEC 60849.
10 monitored and 2 unmonitored isolated inputs enable a remote regulator of the VARES-3000 center. The easy programming of the center PSS-224C is carried out via the computer software “ConfigV3000”, as in all devices of the “VARES-3000 System”.


  • Monitoring of all system components according to VDE 0828/ EN 60849.
  • Activation and monitoring of up to 224 speaker lines (in connection with 3x PEU-056 B).
  • Flexible usage of the relay cards PRC-008C, PRC-408B and PRC-508A.
  • Connection and monitoring of up to 128 power amplifiers (in connection with 16x PHM-802A)
  • 8 monitored and 2 unmonitored isolated inputs.
  • Additional 8 isolated inputs with optional input module PIC-208 B.
  • Monitored 24V power supply- and emergency power inputs.
  • Relay 0 for special functions.
  • Obligatory call output 24 V 2 A.
  • 1 symmetrical ground free audio input and 1 symmetrical ground free audio output.
  • Relay card PRC-308C programmable for special functions or the PRC-308C-II card for obligatory call.
  • Bus connector RS-485.
  • Integrated quartz clock for exact monitoring intervals, which can be synchronized via the DCF-receiver module PRR-077B.
  • Time related remoting of the PSS-224 C according to the main clock PTC-240 B.
  • Optional module: display and button module, text- and chime module, measuring- and monitoring module, audio-matrix-module for audio routing.

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