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DA-200 A
Pro-Sound Class-D Amplifier, (2x 360/200 W, 1 RU), digital
DA-200 A
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These digital (Class D) 2-channel 19˝ power amplifiers
(1 RU) are ideal for the use in professional acoustic sounding devices. 
The devices are manufactured in state-of-the-art production processes using high quality components. 
They have been designed for continuous operation. They are absolutely short circuit and open circuit proof and are equipped with all relevant protection devices.



Please consider the following features:

  • The Led`s on the front inform about important signal and operating conditions
  • Special protective circuit against open circuit, short circuit, overhead and a power up delay are naturally. 
  • The speaker outputs are designed for 8 ohms, 4 ohms or bridge operation and suitable to be used in almost all types of speaker in the corresponding output classes. 
  • Across the digital technology there is a very high efficiency of the amplifiers which achieves results in a very low heat development (natural life of the devices) and a relatively low power consumption.  
  • The amplifiers have protection circuitry against short circuit, overheating, power up delay, DC fault protection and a clip limiter to prevent overloading the speakers.
  • The front panel of the amplifiers is designed that all important information’s about the operating status are visually. These indicators are: power LED display, clip LED display, protect and signal LED



2x 200 W

2x 400 W

1x 800 W

Frequency response

20 – 20.000 Hz ±0,1 dB

THD (THD 1kHz, 8 ohms)

< 0,1%

+4 dBu/1,23 V

better than 100 dB

better than -70 dB

20 V/µS

220V – 240V/AC, 50~60 Hz

400 W

483 x 44 x 258 mm (1 RU)

3,9 kg






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