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PWM-101 B
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PWM-101B acts as a very versatile extension of the digital VARES-3000 system. Besides a classic talk-back functionality it offers the functionality to serve as an essential security asset for precisely targeted alarms in any case of emergency. Especially in amok situations it provides a secure and prioritised communication channel between the calling point and the head office.
It is possible to send an alarm message from a classroom only to the secretariat without alerting the whole building. Each PWM-101B is equipped with an individual address code, so the secretariat is informed about the origin of the incoming call in the very moment the push-to-talk button on PWM-101B is pressed. Reactions can be initiated very quickly and targeted this way.


  • integrated pre-amplifier with voice-operated gate function.
  • high-quality compressor for equal microphone sound level.
  • 3-stage microphone amplifier input gain switch and a microphone amplifier volume trim pot.
  • 6 W 5˝- loudspeaker including 100 V transformer.
  • up to 200 PWM-101 can be used parallel on a BUS.
  • Transformer symmetrical NF-output.
  • Can be connected directly via BUS-line (Cat 7).
  • Programmable line allocation for PSS-224C via module PIC-208B.
  • Addressable status-output in order to evaluate the according area of speech.
  • Built on power-coated, perforated steel plate front panel equipped with a red “busy”-LED.
  • Available as surface or flush-mounting.
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