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Small Central Unit, 360/240 W, 3 RU
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  • The PA center of the „CPA-5000 Series“ is available in 3 power classes: 120 W, 240 W and 480 W. The units include 5 100 V and 70 V speaker circuits, which can be switched and controlled separately.
    They feature chime, siren, phantom power and priority switching and are well-suited for professional audio applications.


    Please consider the following features:

    • The PA center operates on mains power (230 V) or 24 V DC.
    • The speaker outputs are available as 100 V and 70 V as well as 8 ohms (low-impedance) outputs.
    • All models have 5 speaker circuits which can be controlled separately on the front panel.
    • All microphone inputs are balanced and have switchable phantom power. Inputs 2, 3 and 4 can be switched to line.
    • Mic input 1 has an adjustable electronic priority control.
    • The AMP-IN and PRE-OUT sockets on the rear allow cascading of further amplifiers and insertion of other units such as equalizers. 
    • The two-tone chime and the siren can be remote- controlled and can be adjusted on the rear.
    • Input 1 has voice-activated priority override, inputs 2-3-4 have contact-activated priority over AUX 5-6-7.
    • The special MS-050 P microphone station is connected through a 4-pin screw-type connector (a maximum of 3 microphone stations can be connected). It has a function to enable pre-announcement chime and priority.
    • A special feature of all the models of this series is the option for integrating a sound source module into the unit. An empty compartment is provided for the installation of an additional module.

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