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Wireless POWER-PHONE, 50 W, with integrated 2-Channel UHF-Receiver
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+ Very mobile due to small empty weight

+ Wireless UHF technology (16 frequencies)

+ Long-lasting lead-gel storage-battery

+ Parallel operation of multiple devices possible

+ In combination with the LST-050, usable as an procession system


It is possible to expose smaller groups with up to 100 people adequately to supersonic sounding, with this mobile voice transmission system. The small empty weight eases the handling of this device and therefore allows operation during longer lasting events.

The integrated UHF-System promises absolute flexibility and additionally allows the choice between 16 frequencies.

It can be switched to a trouble-free frequency immediately. The UHF-Handmicrophone UH-016 B as well as the UHF-Bodypack UB-016 is available as a receiver. The Bodypack can be combined with a Headset- or a Clip-on microphone.

For the incoming supply of further signals the AUX-input can be used. Offhand music can easily be imported e.g. with a MP3-Stick.

In case the power of a single device should not be sufficient, or the number of people to be exposed to acoustic
irradiation cannot be estimated, it is useful to place a second device adequately. Naturally both devices can be addressed via a Hand- or Bodypack transmitter, of course using the same frequency.

WPP-050 U2

50 W / 30 W

230 V (mains supply ~19V); 12 V battery, 2.7Ah

approx. 3 hours

1 x MIC (wireless), 1x MIC (Jack 6,3 mm),
1 x AUX (Jack 3,5 mm)

LINE Out 0dB

60 Hz ~ 15.000 KHz

16 frequencies (863 – 865 MHz); 2 Receiver

single EQ

System/distortion factor

< 0,1%


5 1/4˝, 4 ohms



W 160 x H 210 x D 290 mm / 3,3 kg

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