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PHM-802C digital amplifier switchover unit is designed to monitor up to 10 power amplifiers simultaneaously. Up to 8 amplifiers can be configured as call amps, backed up by up to 2 spare amplifiers.
PHM-802C works self-sustaining and independent of other components. Alternatively, it can be integrated into a VARES-3000 system.


  • Setting up PHM-802C is done easily via a clearly represented menu that is desplayed on the big front display. All the programming work is done by just four function keys, a computer is not necessary to configure PHM-802C.
  • The health status of each connected amplifier is shown on the front display.
  • Faults will be indicated until the cause of the problem is repaired.
  • All connectors are service-friendly pin-and-socket-connector types that are perfectly suited for installed audio equipment.
  • 8 call amps can be linked with 1 spare amp, or two groups made of 4 call amps each can be linked to 2 spare amps (1 spare amp per group). Can also be used without spare amplifier.
  • PHM-802 C offers an input for 230 V AC switching power supply (switched to 24V) and an additional input for 24 V DC emergency power.
  • A bigger number of amplifiers can be monitored by using several PHM-802 C.
  • The measured level of the pilot tone can be adjusted for each 100V power amplifier at the device.
  • A variety of pilot tones is available, ranging from 19 kHz to 25 kHz.
  • An alarm output for external fault messages allows easy routing of messages within the voice alarm system.
  • The menu is available in English or German language.
  • Optionally the monitor module PMU-802A can be installed to intercept all 10 amp outputs.

PHM-802 C

LCD Dot Matrix 2x24, beleuchtet, Kontrast regelb.

8 + 1 (Havarie) oder 2x 4 + 2x 1 (Havarie)

19/19,5/20/20,5/21/21,5/22/22,5/23/23,5/24/24,5/25 kHz

einstellbar 15/30/45/60/90 Sek. (5 Sek. mit Bus-Option)

5 W

Amplifier 1,3W RMS

RS485-Bus (optional), Störmeldeausgang,

SUB-D9 für Firmware-Udate

je Kanal 6 A

24V DC

Schaltnetzteil / Akku (Notstromversorgung 24 V)

483 x 44 x 171 mm (1 HE)

1,5 kg

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